Laser Level Reviews

Laser level can make the construction work around the house much easier. There are a lot of good brands when it comes to laser level. Therefore, it is not easy to choose the best laser level among them. The only way to make sure that you are buying the best laser level is to compare the available products. But to do that, you need to know all the features of the laser level brands and only then you can decide which one is best suitable for you. So let’s take a look at some of the best laser level maker brands in details.

Top 4 Brand Laser Level Reviews

1.Bosch Laser Level 

laser level reviews

Bosch makes very lightweight laser levels, they are easy to store and carry everywhere with you. The laser level is also easy to operate and you can use the light in any angles you want.

The laser level runs on AA batteries and the first set comes with the product. Bosch laser light is very powerful and works great in indoors.

The light is not that great if you are trying to work outside in daylight. The case is very strong; you can understand that the device is very well made. Like all the other laser levels of these days, Bosch laser levels also have protection against dust and water.

It is great for people who are not very expert in using laser levels. This device can do a lot of thing apart from helping you putting up a shelf on the wall. It is also great for installing ceilings.

The price is not too high and it lasts for a long time. So we can definitely say that keeping the price of the products in mind and their features, Bosch is definitely one of the best brands in the market when it comes to laser level. Bosch provides great technical support as well.

2.Dewalt Laser Level 

dewalt laser level

DEWALT makes one of the most sold out laser levels in the market. One of the best parts about DEWALT laser levels is that they have the most powerful signal light that you can get. You can mark walls even 50 feet away from you.  Dewalt laser level makes both horizontal and vertical lines and this is the reason these laser levels are proffered by a lot of professional construction workers.

It also comes with self leveling feature. The battery lasts for a long time. It gives you a good 360-degree full coverage. This laser level is great for working indoors even in places where the light is not sufficient. It is also great for outdoors if the Sunlight is not too strong.

DEWALT laser level is rather easy to operate. The products come with a strong case, and the design is absolutely perfect. It is so lightweight that you can work on one hand using this on the other hand. The price is also rather low, and this is the reason it is so popular in the market. DEWALT also has great customer support.

3.Black and Decker Laser Level 


Black and Decker makes a lot of best laser levels and they are available in a very low price range.  The Black and Decker laser levels are both the smallest and lightest laser levels that you can get.

It very easily can fit in your tool box. The light can hold the signal up to 2 hours and does not make any kinds of unwanted marks on the wall. The laser level is really easy to operate and you can make straight lines in any angles. The light is very powerful, great for indoors. This laser level, however, does not work that great in outdoors.

An added feature in this laser level is the audio feature. The case is very strong and extremely safe, has protection against the dust and water.

If you do not have a big budget for a laser level, but you want to do all the wall work, ceiling installation around the home by yourself then this is the laser level that you need. For any kind of technical assistance you can always call their customer care line.


4.Johnson Laser Level 

johnson laser level

Johnson is also making great laser levels for some years now. They also have self-leveling laser level which is great for people who want to do the work manually.

The signal light is very strong and can hold the signal for a long time. The signal light does not make any kind of bad mark on the wall. Johnson makes high quality laser levels which are as good as any professional quality laser level makers. It runs on ordinary batteries.

The design is great; it is easy to hold in one hand. The case is very strong and secure.  Johnson laser levels last for a long time and the features are really easy to understand.

You can work in any angles using Johnson laser level. The brand also provides great technical support for free. Only drawback of these laser levels are that the light does not work that great if you are working outdoors. Otherwise Johnson makes perfect laser levels.

How to compare between the laser levels ?

When it comes to choosing a laser level you need to check out many points, you need to see if the device comes in a strong case, the battery life, and many other points. But the main focus should be the signal light because this is the reason why you are opting out for a laser level in the first place. So if you are comparing some laser level brands then compare the signal light, how long it will hold the straight line, in how many angles can you use the light and of course the distance that light can cover. You need to buy the laser level that gives the best signal light.


Things to remember while using a laser level : It is a relatively safe tool to handle. But you still need to be careful while using it.  Always get a laser level that has a strong case and grip. You also always n eed to be careful about the batteries inside the tool.

Most well known brands make safe laser levels which do not make any bad mark on the wall. It is also always great to buy the best laser level made by a famous brand.

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