How to Use a Bosch Laser Level ?

Everything You Need To Know About Using Bosch GLL 2 Self-Levelling Cross-Line Laser Level

how to use a bosch laser level

A very short introduction to Laser levelling

Laser levelling is the beginning of new era in precision surveying and construction field. As laser level is self levelling device, you no longer have to call your constructor to do minor construction with perfection. Laser level uses a laser beam (usually red or green beam) to analyse and makes sure that both horizontal and vertical levels are perfectly aligned.

Step by step instruction on using Bosch GLL 2 Self-Levelling Cross-Line Laser Level

We are going to discuss about Bosch GLL 2 Self-Levelling Cross-Line Laser Level, one of the highly rated laser levels in laser level reviews in the internet. You are free to read laser level reviews by yourself to check the claim. 

Safety first

There are certain things that you have to keep in mind at all the time before and while using this Bosch Laser Level. Failure to follow any or some or all of the precautions given in this article and the official user manual of the product may result in serious injury resulting from laser radiation exposure, electric shock, fire and so on.

Don’t stare into the laser beam. Laser beam produced by the Bosch laser level is classified as class 2 laser beam. Hence, staring into them could result in serious eye injury or even blindness in the prolonged exposure.

check-mark-button-hiDon’t project laser beam to any other person or animal as this may cause serious damage.


check-mark-button-hiDon’t leave the machine, while the laser beam is turned on.


check-mark-button-hiWearing safety googles during the usage is always suggested.



Don’t disassemble or don’t try to repair to any parts associated with the laser beam of this machine. You are not authorized or skilled to do that. Of course, serious consequence may take place due to that.

check-mark-button-hiKeep the children out of reach while handling or working with this machine.


check-mark-button-hiFollow all the safety instruction written on the cover of the battery and keep them out of reach of children.

check-mark-button-hiDon’t remove or deface safety instruction masked in the machine at any circumstances.


check-mark-button-hiCheck your machine periodically. Whenever you sense any ambiguity in the working of the machine, then that is the time to call qualified technician.

check-mark-button-hiAlways stay alert and safe while using the machine. Don’t use the machine when you are too tired to use it or under the influence of any drug.

Inserting or removing battery in the machine

how to use Bosch laser level

Alkaline battery is the only authorized battery to be used in this machine. Before buying a set of battery, make sure that both the batteries are from same company and same model.

Battery can be inserted in the latch present in the top of the Bosch laser level. Insert the battery in consistent with the polarity requirement mentioned in the latch.

Switching the machine on/off

Bosch laser level has very simple interface. On/off switch is present in the left side of the machine. Switching the machine on immediately turns on two laser beams and vice versa. Hence, place the machine in an ideal safe position before turning them on.

Before leaving the room, make sure to turn off the machine, as the machine could potentially blind any person staring at the laser beam

Placing the machine in a correct position and automate levelling

Machine can be placed in a vertical surface through contact forces or in a tripod. In either cases, self levelling range is 4 degrees. If the machine is in correct self levelling range, it is indicated by the green indicator signal and in other case, it is indicated by red indicator signal.

In case of red signal, you need to correct the position until a green signal is obtained. Sometimes, tripod may be essential to attain the correct position.

The end of self levelling is indicated by the non-movement of two laser beams along the vertical and horizontal plane. Always take the centre of the laser beam for more accurate levelling result.

General precautions and tips while using the machine

check-mark-button-hiMake sure that the machine is not prone to any type of ground vibration that may terribly change the outcome of the instrument.

check-mark-button-hiMake sure that the machine is held firmly with the tripod. Loose setup is not only less efficient but also dangerous.

check-mark-button-hiLaser viewing glasses can be brought to see the laser marking more accurately. However, do not stare into the laser via laser viewing glass, as they are not substitute for safety googles.


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How to Use a Laser Level ?

How to use a Laser Level  best ?

how to use a laser level

I am in the construction business for a while now. Laser levels are one of my most important tools. I am doing laser level reviews for Amazon since ages. I have personally used a wide range of brands. When someone asks me about my opinion in which is the best laser level in the market.

I say there is nothing like that. My experience told me that all laser levels are almost same; it is how you use the tool that decides how well the product will work for you. So today I am going to talk about the right way to use a laser level.

Why I came to this decision?

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 The reason why I think that most of the laser levels are more or less same is because it only depends on the way you use it. I purchased my first laser level a couple of years ago and it was supposed be the top most products in the market at that time.

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 I read some great laser level reviews about the product. But when I started using the product, it did not exactly give me the same result that I expected. So all those positive laser level reviews that I read about the product are lies?

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 But I am not someone who gives up easily. I started watching videos about laser levels and reading guides. It took some time to realize that there is nothing wrong with the product. I was not using the product right way.

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 I watched a lot of videos to know all about using laser level the laser level right way. Once I used it rightly then it worked exactly the way those reviews mentioned it did.

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 Trust me if you think you got a rough deal with your laser level then read today’s article and if you are following these instructions then no matter what laser level you are using it will serve your purpose. So here is the step by step guide to use a laser level the right way.

how to use a laser level

How to assemble a laser level ?

This is very important that you assemble the laser level right way. All these products come with their user manual and you need to read the manual.

Not all laser levels are built in the same way so your particular laser level may need to put together little differently. But in general, these are the steps that I follow to assemble a laser level.

Note 1 :

Open the Box Carefully

If the product comes with a tripod, then set it up first

Note 2

You need to make sure that the tripod is perfectly leveled. You will see that there is a bubble, and you need make sure that the bubble is in center

Note 3 :

You will see another bubble on the laser level and a red circle, now that bubble needs to be on the red circle

Note 4 :

Follow the user manual of your particular product

Note 5 :

Adjust the nuts to make sure nothing is loose

Note 6 :

After the assembling of the product is completed, if the bubble is in the center of the red circle then you will realize that you did this right.

If you do not put together the laser level in the right way then you will not get the perfect signal light. Your signal light will be only correct if the laser level can point to the place in direct angle. But this is not all, to get the best result these are another couple of things that you need to keep in mind while using the laser level.

check-mark-button-hiTo get the signal straight every time you need to look right into the laser level and you cannot do that with bare eyes, the signal light will harm your eyes. So this is why it is important for you to get a pair of safety glasses with a laser level, now wear it before starting the laser level.

check-mark-button-hiIf you are doing the work in front of your kitchen then make sure that the gas is off

check-mark-button-hiYou need to wear a pair of safety gloves


check-mark-button-hiTry to use the Laser level with a window open


check-mark-button-hiSet it up in a place that is absolutely flat


check-mark-button-hiReplace the batteries at regular intervals, if you operate the tool when batteries are almost finished then it can damage the product and your laser level will last much less long. Do not rush, read the user manual and there you will find all about replacing the batteries.

If you follow all these above steps then you will not harm your eyes no matter how many hours of the day you are using a laser level. I personally never miss any of these points and in all my laser level reviews I talk about them.

Now Laser level comes in different variations these days. Let’s take a look at the best way to use some of the most popular types of laser levels that are top sellers in the market these days.

Cross line or line Laser levels

check-mark-button-hiThe best way to use these types of laser levels is to hold them in a 90-degree horizontal angle. These laser levels according to me are most suitable for installing shelves on the wall.  These are very simple to use, just point to the wall and draw the line.

how to use bosch laser level

Automatic Rotation laser levels

check-mark-button-hiThese laser levels are not only more expensive, but these are also little hard to work with. The best way to use them is to find a constant height and then set the signal up to that angle.

Optical Laser Levels

check-mark-button-hiThis laser level makes your work hard and you have to be very careful about getting the signal right every time. You have to be careful about the distance and angles very well, otherwise you will not be happy with the end result.

check-mark-button-hiOne thing that I mention in all laser level reviews is that the user manuals are given for a reason. Do not think that you can do everything without reading it. But again, if you do not have time to read it then make sure that you are following these above instructions.

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