How to Find the Best Laser Level and Useful Shopping Guide for all!

Today we are going to do detailed laser level review, we are going to review some of the top market products and so that our readers can understand which the best laser level among them is. But before we talk about the best laser level, and write detailed laser level review, let’s first discuss what a Laser Level exactly is and why everyone these days is talking about these tools. A laser level is one of those tools which make manual jobs like construction work a lot easier.

Best laser level

>> Best Laser Level On The Market 2015 <<

These days one does not need to draw ugly lines with Chalk on the wall. Chalk marks not only look bad but it is almost humanly impossible to draw a completely straight line. Laser level makes a perfect straight-line with light and it holds the light until your job is done.

Laser levels are used for big commercial projects these days. Laser levels came out in the market only a couple of years ago. But since most of the laser level review was positive common men got interested in this new tool and it became popular very quickly.

The Best Laser Level

The Best Laser Level in  2015 

We will recommend the best laser in 2015 and you will get a perfect idea about them. A comprehensive comparison of the benefits and shortcomings will help you get a view of the product decisions .

dewalt 088
  • Model : DEWALT DW087K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser
  • Our Rating
  • Customer : 315 + reviews
  • Weight : 3.5 pounds
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Product Dimensions : 9.3 x 9 x 5 inches
  • Warranty Description 3 year limited warranty
  • Our Detail Reviews
dewalt 087
  • Model : DEWALT DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser
  • Our Rating
  • Customer Reviews 208 + reviews
  • Item Weight 3.2 pounds
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Product Dimensions 9.2 x 4.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Warranty Description 3 year limited warranty
  • Our Detail Reviews
johnson ls
  • Model : Johnson Level and Tool 40-0921 Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level Kit
  • Our Rating
  • Customer Reviews 136 + reviews
  • Item Weight 5 pounds
  • Batteries Included? Yes
  • Product Dimensions 4.5 x 18.5 x 10 inches
  • Warranty Description 3-Year Parts & Labor
  • Our Detail Reviews
Bosch las
  • Model :Bosch GLL 2 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level with Mount
  • Our Rating
  • Customer Reviews 29 + reviews
  • Item Weight 1.6 pounds
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Product Dimensions 3.2 x 2.5 x 2.6 inches
  • Warranty Description 2 Year
  • Our Detail Reviews
BD fisnish
  • Model : Black & Decker BDL100AV All-In-One SureGrip Laser Level
  • Our Rating
  • Customer Reviews 263+ reviews
  • Weight :10.4 ounces
  • Power Source battery-powered
  • Product Dimensions 5.8 x 2.6 x 8.4 inches
  • Warranty Description 2 Year
  • Our Detail Reviews

Why Laser Level Tools was launched on the market ?

check-mark-button-hiThe first batch of laser levels that cam in to the market was used by some construction workers in the US. They were asked to do the laser level review for the companies and almost all of them said that laser levels made their job much easier.

At that time there were not many options when it comes to Laser level, so no one needed to know what the best laser level in the market was. All they wanted was to know if people were ready for the product.

check-mark-button-hiAnyway at first it was just construction workers from big farm who were using these laser levels. Even though the laser level review from them was 100 percent positive companies noticed that not many people were buying the products.

Then they noticed that the laser levels they are making are very high on price and that is why was impossible for people to buy them individually.

check-mark-button-hiAfter realizing what they have to do to make the tool more popular, the brands started thinking about how they can outdo each other. It was a simple equation, middle-class men and women will go for a product that is the cheaper and lighter. When Laser level first came in the market only US based companies were making them.

check-mark-button-hiBut as it got more popular the brands from China and Korea started coming in the market. The most interesting part was that the Laser Level they made, are all thousand times cheaper in price, but at the same time they are technologically  well advanced. People who purchased these laser levels wrote very positive laser level reviews .

check-mark-button-hiNow seeing this, US Company also decided to make more economical laser level without compromising the quality. They wanted to make the best laser level ever and by doing that they wanted to take the major share of laser level market from China and Korea. They started producing Laser levels which are lightweight and much cheaper in price. Today some of the best laser levels in the marker are made by the US, China, and Korea-based brands. But we will get to that later.

check-mark-button-hiIf you are into the world of Laser level and feeling overwhelmed after so seeing many options in the market, then you need to read this article as today we are going to do detailed laser level review  about the best laser level brands in the market in later part of the article . These little tools are not just for construction work or putting on shelves on the wall, they can do many other things around the home. They can also help your kids with homework.

check-mark-button-hiLaser level tools are not like other tools which have a complex operating process and you have to spend hours assembling it. Laser Levels are simple, even the kind in your house will be able to handle them easily. They can use them for making their school projects and will not need your help anymore.

How do you decide which one is the best laser level ?

It is been a couple of years since the laser level first came into the market. So by the time this tool was first invented and now there are thousands of companies who came in the business. If you are a novice then you might think that when it comes to purchasing a Laser level it is the price that you can afford matters the most.

There are people who also think that if two products come in the same price range then these two products must have the same capabilities. But that is the biggest mistake they make, all laser levels are not the same and buying them one needs to check these couple of following qualities.

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 The laser levels are waterproofed or not

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 Is the laser durable against solid objects like dust?

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 How long will the light hold for?

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 What kind of battery you need to operate these laser levels

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 Whether the batteries last long or not

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 Laser level these days comes with self-leveling, so you need to know about that too

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 Can the laser level make both horizontal and vertical lines?

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 How long the line holds

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 The power of the signal light

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 Some laser levels come with two color signal lights and they are very easy to work with

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 The price

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 Weight of the device

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355 Does it work in daylight

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355The brand offers customer care support or not, you need to make sure that you chose a brand which offers free technical support 24/7

green_check_mark_clip_art_9355The warranty period of the product.

Since the main aim of this laser level review article is to tell you about the best laser level we thought it was important to tell you what makes a good Laser level. Now here we are going to talk about the 5 best laser levels that you can get in the market.

These 5 products are absolutely the best when it comes to Laser level. They have all the above qualities and many more. If you have seen a professional construction worker with a Laser level these days, then the chances are that Laser level is among one of these following laser levels. So let’s start reviewing them for everyone’s benefit and after reading all the 5 reviews, you will be able to decide which laser level is best for you.

The five products are listed here in no particular order, which one is best among them, that is hard to decide.

Short Review of the Top 5

Below are 5 laser level on the market leading:

  1. Laser DeWalt DW087K Horizontal and vertical self-leveling lines
  2. Laser DeWalt DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line
  3. Johnson Level and Tool 40-0921 Self-Leveling Laser Level Kit Cross line
  4. Bosch GLL 2 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level with mountain
  5. Black & Decker BDL100AV All-In-One SureGrip Laser Level.
Dewalt DW087K

Top 1 : DEWALT DW087K Horizontal and vertical laser lines Self leveling

dewalt laser level

This Laser level is one of the best home laser levels that come under $300 in price. It weights only 3.5 lbs. the product is made by a US-based brand. Many may think because of the price the product is only for home use, but its quality is no less than any so called pro laser levels.

The best feature of this product is that every operation can be done with one button only. Even a tool novice can use this Laser level.

The intention behind this machine clearly makes the Laser lever more user-friendly and that is why this one is without a doubt one of the best laser level ever, now let’s do a more detailer laser level review of this product.


ionDEWALT DW087K Horizontal and Vertical Self-Leveling Line laser runs on 3 ordinary AA batteries. The first set of batteries comes with the product, which last for a very long time. The Laser level is only about 9 inches long. It is a cross line and self-leveling laser. The signal light is very powerful and holds in the wall for a long time.

ionYou can very easily see the mark and work according to that. But the signal light does not make that impact in harsh Sun Light and that is probably the only little flaw of this tool, otherwise it’s a great Laser level.

This product first came out in the market in 2004; at that time Laser level was not that popular among the common people. But over the years the brand has made a lot of update to the product and their latest one is the best so far. The design is more compact this time around.

ionThis laser level comes with a 1-year free service contract and 90-day money back guaranty. The customer service provided by the brand is excellent; one can call for any kind of assistance anytime. The overall verdict about this product is that it is absolutely worth the price and if someone is using a Laser level for the first time, then it is a great choice.

ionPeople who have already used this Laser level mostly gave it 5-star ratings because of its great performance. If you want to get this one then get it now as the product is coming in a discounted price at Amazon. This offer is not going to last for long, so get it now.

laser level

Dewalt DW088K

Top 2 : Laser DeWalt DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line

dewalt leser level

One of the best laser levels ever made by the brand DEWALT, no wonder many call this brand the most powerful brand when it comes to making powerful tools.

This one too is lightweight, easy to operate and does the job exactly the same way that a pro laser level does. This laser level is leveling as the name suggests, it works with any angles and since you can operate the device easily.

You can change the angles of the signal. The signal light is very powerful and it holds the light long enough to get the job done.

This Laser level can be used for a lot of things around the home. The signal light can work up to 50 feet which is another plus point of this laser level. The magnet is very strong. The greatest part, however, is that you can set it up by your own, no hard assemble is required.

Dawalt Laser Level DW088 K

ionThe price of the product is really cheap, but at the same time one can use this tool also for professional construction assignments. The Laser level is dust and water durable, so you can take them outside. The signal light is powerful and if the Sunlight is not very powerful then you can also work in daytime outside.

ionThis Laser level runs on AA batteries and the first set of batteries are included with the product. The battery life is usually very long, but to make the tool last long it is important to change the batteries at regular intervals. In case you need any type of technical assistance you can always call the customer care and they are ready to help.

ionIt comes with warranty and money back guarantee. This product is absolutely worth the price and if someone is looking for a laser level which they can use for many things except its conventional jobs then this Laser level is perfectly suitable for them. It got some very good ratings from the people who already used it and most of them are surprisingly professional home builders.

ionIf you visit Amazon then you will find some amazing laser level review about this tool. The retail company is also giving a great deal for a couple of days. It saves a lot of money and there are other offers. So if you act quickly then you can get one of the best laser levels in a much cheaper price than market.

laser level

Johnson 40-0921

Top 3 : Johnson Level and Tool 40-0921 Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level Kit

johnson laser level

Now we are on to third product of the laser level review that we are doing today. . The product looks like a box, but it works like a pro laser lever. There are not many buttons to make you feel confused.

It is really cheap and that is why most people who are just starting out in home building business get one of this. At the first look, many may believe that this tool is not capable of doing any heavy duty job like installing ceiling and similar stuff but if you know how to use a laser level well then you can do almost anything using this product.

Johnson Laser Level is one of the best laser levels that have ever made for people who do not like operating heavy machinery.

ionThe easiest way to use this laser level is to set the product at a 90-degree angle from the place where you want to work and then it will do the job itself. The bright red signal almost makes you feel that mark will be permanent on the wall, as it is so bright.

ionBut just to be clear it does not leave any unwanted marks on the wall. The powerful signal light is the reason that many call this product the best laser level ever when it comes to installing a shelf on the wall. It creates both horizontal and vertical lines.

ionThe product is very useful and really easy to store anywhere. It weighs only 0.2 ounces and runs on ordinary batteries. To get the most powerful and accurate signal, it is important to always change the batteries at regular intervals. The lights work best when it is used in indoors, but you can also work with it outside if it’s a cloudy day. You can take the tool anywhere you want; it is dust and water durable.

ionThe product comes with warranty and Johnson Company also exchanges any damaged part very quickly if you can give them a purchase proof.

ionOur overall verdict about this Laser level is that it is great for everyone as it does all the jobs that any expensive Laser level does. The product comes within $100, so you basically cannot get any better than this.

Visit Amazon and see what a great price the online shop is offering for this product.

laser level

Bosch GLL2

Top 4 : Bosch GLL 2 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level with mountain

Bosch laser level

This Laser level can easily be mistaken for petrol jar, but make no mistake this little tool is a genius of sorts. Bosch is one of the biggest names when it comes to Laser levels. They make the best laser level when it comes to user-friendly laser levels.

There are some simple buttons which you need to press to get the job done. To work with this device, you do not really need to know a lot of things about the tool; even the children can use it.

The tool weights only 1.6 lbs. The product is self-leveling and gives the workers accurate marks every time. The signal it creates is very powerful and holds strong on the wall.

ionYou will see how installing a hanger or shelf on the wall becomes easy with this product. This useful little tool can also be best friends of people who work as an independent construction worker.

ionThis laser level is dust and water durable and can be taken out to in kind of weather condition. It is really easy to set it up. You can also change the angle of the signal as far your needs very easily. But one of the little drawbacks of this laser level is that the signal cannot be seen so easily if there is harsh Sunlight. This is its only single fault; all the other features work absolutely amazingly.

ionThe device comes in a very strong case and you can understand that this Laser level is going to last for a long time. The magnet is also strong. The product runs on ordinary batteries and the battery lasts for a reasonable amount of time. The signal light is strongest when the battery is full and that is why it is important to keep changing the batteries regularly.

ionBosch provides great customer supports to their customers and you can get fixed anything for free if it comes under the warranty period. The product got great reviews from many critics and users themselves. This product is useful and cheap, so there is no reason to say no to this laser level.

We know we said only positive things in this above laser level review of the product but it is the best laser level in the market at its price range, so we cannot help ourselves.

You can visit to buy the product at a discounted price.

laser level

Black and Decker BDL1000AV

Top 5 : Black & Decker BDL100AV All-In-One SureGrip Laser level

black and decker laser level

No matter if you need a laser level for your personal use or you are a professional home builder, this one is truly the best laser level that you can get. ; it costs you less than a dinner at out. But the service this tool gives is no less than any professional quality Laser levels.

It is best for everyone, be it a professional home builder or people who love doing things around the house by themselves. It is great for installing ceilings, putting on a wall shelf, hanging a picture frame and basically anything you need to put accurately on a wall. The signal is built with mark free technology, so it never leaves any unwanted mark on your wall.

gg66435090You do not need to invest any money to get this laser level

The signal light is bright red and it works great at indoors. It is also good for outdoor projects, but the bright red light does not work that strongly in Sunlight. Well, even the professional laser levels also do not work in Sunlight, so cannot really call this problem a drawback for the tool.

ionOne of the greatest things about the signal light is that it changes automatically from red to green; even more expensive laser levels than this one do not have this feature. Then there is also an audio signal, which helps you immensely if the work wall is out of sight, as we already told you that this product will keep surprising you with its capabilities much after you purchased it. It is simply amazing.

ionBlack & Decker BDL100AV All-In-One SureGrip Laser Level is no sort of a genius too; it is so small that it reminds us of a traffic signal light. The design is very compact and it does not have any unnecessary features at all.


You can easily change the angles of the signal according to your needs, but if you work on a 90-degree angle then the signal works the best. The laser level runs on ordinary batteries and the battery life is pretty longer as the tool has a feature that saves the battery life.

ionYou get all the guarantees that you get with any expensive Laser level. You can also call the customer care support any time you need. It is almost hard to believe that a laser level can be purchased at this price, so yes it is not only worth the price but also much more than one can expect.

If you want to have this laser level now, then go to the Amazon. Com and get the product in even cheaper price than Amazon.

So here you go, this was the laser level review for the top 5 laser levels that you can get in the market.

laser level

How to use Laser Level best ?

Even if you are able to find the best laser level ever, you still need to know how to use the tool as it is the most important point. The way you handle a tool makes a lot of difference to the effectiveness of the tool. So here is how you can use the laser level in the best possible way.


Set it up in a flat surface: It is very important to set the tool in a place that is absolutely flat.  If you, for instance, put the tool on a cushioned sofa or something then the signal it will create cannot be in a straight line as the product itself will be a little shaky because of the surface.

Make sure that the angle is straight: Now you need to make sure that a laser level in a place that is straight from the wall. The best work is done when the laser level can point out in a 90-degree angle. You can, of course, point out the signal in other angles, but it is always best when it is done in a straight angle.

If it’s not a self-level laser: These days almost all laser levels have the self-level function, but in case it is not, you need to enter the angle manually and then make sure that you used the accurate measures when you set up the laser levels.

Start the laser level only when you set it up completely: It means that you put the laser level directly to the wall and you are ready with a small marker to point out where exactly you need to install the shelf, or frame you want to.

Save the battery: Once you can see the signal in a straight line on the wall and you mark the two spots where you will install the furniture or the shelf, mark it with an erasable marker. Now turn the laser level off. If you keep the laser level on all the time then not only you will need to change the battery fast but it will also shorten the laser level’s lasting time.

For triangles: If you are installing multiple shelves in different angles then first do the straight line one and then go from there.

Now here are few points to make sure that your Laser level gives the best and accurate signal every time.

  • Keep the tool clean all the time
  • Do not use old batteries, it can damage the system
  • Always store the product in a cool place
  • Even though the laser level brand says that it is dust and water durable, in order to make it last long keep the product away from both these elements.
  • In case, you have a problem with your Laser level, always contact the people who delivered you the products, not just any hardware guy.

So keep these things in mind and your laser level will give you the best results for years to come.

A laser level review of the best laser level cannot be completed without mentioning who these products are most suited for.

Who this product is best for ?

People who work in home development cannot live a single day of their lives without making a mark on the wall to install something. The primary purpose of laser levels is to make accurate marks on the wall, so the people who are in building home business, a laser level is a very useful tool that makes their work much easier. But is it really, do other people don’t need this tool, well we will now talk about what a laser level can do and you be the judge.

best laser level

Just imagine that you have purchased a great artwork and you put it on the dining room of your house. But since it naked it is almost impossible to figure out if you have put the frame in straight angle or you may end up hanging it on a crooked way.

So when people come they will notice that a beautiful artwork is hanging in a crooked manner. If you have a self-leveling laser level at the house then you will be able to install any artwork or wall frames accurately every time and that too without anyone’s help. So your home will be as beautifully organized as you want.

Wall shelves are great things to have around the home. But you need them to put in the right way. Gone are the days when one had to borrow a scale from their children in order to make straight lines on the wall, if you have a laser level in home then just point it out to the wall and then when the signal shows you the straight line, you just make two marks on the wall.

check-mark-button-hiYou can also use the laser level to create different angles on the wall. The laser level signal will always give you a straight line, which manually drawn lines cannot. If the shelf on the wall was not put on in a straight manner then things will fall off from the shelf.

check-mark-button-hiIn the rainy season, it is important that one takes a closer look at the ceiling or the covers on the roof. You may also need to adjust the roof. If you adjust the roof using the laser level signal then there will be no leakage as it gives the accurate direction.

best laser level

Even architectures need to take accurate measures before they build a structure, so in a way we are saying that whoever needs accurate measure needs laser levels at their homes.

If you are not a professional home builder then you do not need the best laser level, but having a small one with cheaper price will always come handy for you.

Some warnings about using levels

Please do not use the laser level to point out your cars, pets, or any other thing that is not a wall in the house. It is fun to point out things with laser signal, but it can bring really bad results.

You also cannot open the tool and try to repair yourselves as there are chemicals and some of them might be harmful to you.

Another thing you need to remember is that before you start using your laser levels make sure that there is no fire nearby, like gas or stove. If there is something on the product which says do not move the cover then live it that way.

Last but not the least, you already may know this, but still do not keep food uncovered when you are working with the laser level. Always wash your hands very well after you are done using the laser level.

Why are people talking about laser level ?

We already talked that laser levels are being talked about a lot these days. Almost all the major tool manufacturing companies are making laser levels. So why this little tool would all of a sudden became so popular around the world ?

You must have heard that if you are trying to have a useful tool around box for your fixing needs then you should first include a drill machine, now people are saying that one also needs to have a laser level in the toolbox.

black and decker laser level

No matter what you are doing, be it fixing something or building, the first thing you need to do is to measure the thing correctly, otherwise you will not be able to make it in the right size.

Now humans may try their best but it is almost impossible for them to draw a perfectly straight line. The process is also lengthy and this is why doing the lines manually most of the time would delay the project.

If you are in the construction business, then you must know that how difficult the manually marking thing was, you almost wished that you had three hands to do the job right.

Now with the invention of laser levels, one can mark the accurate point where they need to install the thing almost anywhere.

It is great for doing window’s frame, fireplace, doors, or wall shelves. Thanks to the laser levels now constructions work is becoming much quicker and easier. Laser level gives an accurate signal and even the clients these days ask the home builders if they are using laser level markers to do all the marking or not.

Laser level also made the job easier for people at home. Now you do not need to call a guy to put a shelf on the wall rightly. You can do that all by yourself too. People are finding out how easy the use of laser levels is.

But the main reason behind laser level being the talk of the town will definitely be the fact that now laser levels are available in much cheaper price. They are now also very small in size. So if you can get a tool that is easy to store and costs you less than $50, then how could you resist yourself from buying that.


check-mark-button-hiThe laser level is now used to improve the human life. Laser technology is used even in school and colleges; there are not many parts of our lives which are not touched by the laser technology. Laser technology makes life much easier. A laser level is one of the best things that happened for the construction business.

check-mark-button-hiIt is fast, easy to use and also comes at a cheaper price these days. Every day people are trying to use laser levels even for more different things. They are seeing in ways to use the laser level for things like designing clothes, or make furniture. Everyone now knows that laser level makes the job in hand quicker and that is why people want to use it.

check-mark-button-hiBut it will take some time for people to find out how can a laser level helps them in cloth making, before that the things that you can already use the tool for is sufficient. Construction is one of those businesses where people need to work really hard to get the job done.

check-mark-button-hiSo if there were things that can make their job easier then we should all appreciate them. Laser levels are not harmful to the body at all, and if you can use mobile phones for every day of your life then you can also use laser level safely.

check-mark-button-hiIn the end, we are going back to the main topic of our discussion that is finding out about the best laser level. But there is no way to find out which is the best laser level that was ever made. We gave you details about laser level and its revolution over the years.

check-mark-button-hiWe also talked about the top 5 laser levels that you can get in the market. So hopefully this detailed laser level reviews will be able to help you in choosing the best laser level. Use the product with all the instructions and hopefully you will never have any regrets about using Laser Level.

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